About us

Introduction of Establishment

The Holy Faith International School is an ideal School that provides complete guidance to children at basic norm. The School run from Nursary to X and based on C.B.S.E. Curriculum under Delhi Board. The name "Holy Faith" is just a synonym of its approach. This school is affiliated to C.B.S.E, Delhi up to Secondary Level. Affiliation No. is 331024 and School No. is 66763.

The Holy Faith International School Originally came in existence in 2012-13. The School is situated in Lahsuna, Masaurhi, Patna and run under Yugal Educational Welfare and Charigable Trust. This influences the entire surrounding areas especially of Lahsuna in 10 km radious of area so far.

Aims and Objectives

The School Holy Faith International School is started with a view to provide complete guidance to children for their all around development. The School is indulged with the best disciplinary competitive environment. We create the environment of feeling among students to be respectful to their parents.